Comm EE Visual PIC

Close up view: Comm EE Visual MAY

Environmental education (EE) can be a powerful tool. It can empower people with the awareness, skills and connections necessary to positively affect their attitudes and behaviors about committing to action in their environment. However, EE can be limited if it does not consider an individual’s capacities, interest, and wellness. To make meaningful, lasting change, communities must be educated holistically.

The Community EE Guidelines are being developed through the EECapacity Project to compliment existing Guidelines in EE and provide options and opportunity for community building in the framework of environmental programming. The greatest hope for the Community EE Guidelines is to inspire programs that engage communities in on-going opportunities for fellowship and partnership with each other around environmental issues where they share concern. This engagement should increase positive relationships with community partners, and groom participants and organizations for the leadership needed to sustain the effort.

The ideal user of the Guidelines includes anyone who has interest in engaging low income communities in environmental actions that have a significant positive impact for the communities wellbeing as a whole.

The Guidelines to date are born out of the perspectives of communities across the nation that have ideas and interest around how to match environmental actions and education to community health and capacities. A work in progress, we are currently in our second draft of the Community EE Guidelines and welcome your thoughts and constructive feedback.

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  1. This graphic helps to clarify the different issues surrounding community EE.


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